About Us

Carmine (right) is a shy, incredibly well behaved cat. He is a very large (16#), black domestic short hair, and is about 17 years old.  He is very timid around new people, but he's a lover.  I adopted him in November 1998 after visiting him several afternoons a week at the Contra Costa Humane Society over a period of six months.  He has a large kitty condo that serves as a scratching post and refuge.  Lately he's been having problems jumping up onto furniture.  He is a connoisseur of new spots for naps and likes it if I put kitty blankets or fleecy beds in different places around the house - even if I just throw one in the middle of the livingroom floor because I am vacuuming the condo, he'll decide that seems like a very good new place to take a nap.  When I let him go outside, he's most likely to be found sitting inside a big Japanese iris bush or next to the chard in the garden. 

Dobson is a very outgoing, curious and interactive black cat with big eyes, ears and a very pointy face.  He was the runt of the litter born 4/1/2004.  He was fostered at the home of some friends and mewed piteously after all his brothers left for their new homes.  He looks quite small compared to the other two at only 11#.  He loves to play with the laser pointer and will find it and knock it around with his paw until a human obliges him.  You may pick him up and handle him, but he’s not very good about sitting on laps – he always wants to jump up, run around and explore things.  He opens drawers and cabinet doors.  He also loves to torment Carmine by following him around and over-grooming him. He also likes to sit at the end of the driveway and demand that passers-by pet his belly while he rolls round in the dirt like a doggie.

George was the neighbor’s kitten – they thought Dobson was so cute that they went out to find a little black kitty of their own.  He was born at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society on 3/15/2005.  As soon as they met, he and Dobson fell in love  and they have since been inseparable.  He is not much bigger than Dobson but more muscular and dense at about 13.5 pounds.  He exceeded Dobson in size at the age of six months, and loves to put the Kitty WWF slam on Dobson when he gets too demanding.  George has been the peacekeeper between Carmine & Dobson, often running interference and putting Dobs in his place.  George is a snuggly cat – he and Carmine will often cuddle together with me when it is chilly.  When I let them go out - he is the first to disappear and likes to play rough with another black cat named Jack who lives a block over.